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What is NovaBill?

NovaBill is an IP telephony platform, which includes an IP telephone plant adjustable tailored to each project and a complete pins's management system to control outgoing calls, integrated with any provider through SIP trunk, like cards prepaid. This product includes the parallel virtual PBX configuration to support large number of calls through the pins system and output against SIP provider, generating scalability and high availability, managed under a 100% Web environment.

What allows NovaBill?

NovaBill allows centralized administration of IP trunks and users, activation of the pin system on each outgoing call, keeping a centralized CDR register, maintaining control of the extension register through authorized IP addresses, creating sites for the management of extensions and pins, and create and manage call rates and generate and export reports of the pins and of the calls generated in the platform.

Success story with NovaBill

The Kiosk Vive Digital are Internet access points for children, youth and adults in 5,524 rural areas located in the most remote areas of Colombia, where they can connect to the internet and receive free training in use and appropriation of ICT. The telephony, billing and pinning platform used at 3,200 Kiosks Vive Digital is NovaBill.

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