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What is NovaCRM?

NovaCRM was created to be the business management system that allows a closer relationship with your customers, achieving a business strategy. NovaCRM allows obtain more valuable accounts for listen better to the customer, learn to understand it, and adapt to their particular needs, in order to improve the effectiveness of each product or service.

What allows NovaCRM?

NovaCRM allows the organization of contacts and prospects, TeleMarketing activities, scheduling of activities and appointments, tracking of prospects and clients, keep a history of relationship with the customer, management of contact registration forms through landing page for creation of leads, generate and export reports of information obtained from contacts, prospects and customers. In addition, it can be integrated with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or with other products of the NovaIP suite.

When to use NovaCRM?

Every company, regardless of size or whether it belongs to the public or private sector, needs to have the information of all its customers in a centralized way, create the sales opportunities of each one, the stages of the sales process, follow up on all this, and in general, know the entire flow of activities performed as part of the sale of a product or service to a customer. For all this, NovaCRM is the solution.

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