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What is NovaMedia?

NovaMedia is a multimedia system for contact centers, receptions and / or telecommuting, which allows its clients to communicate efficiently with their company, through different types of channels.

What allows NovaMedia?

NovaMedia allows you to: create and manage campaigns, both inbound for customer service, process information, appointment scheduling, incident reporting, etc., as well as outbound, for collections, appointment confirmation, telemarketing, tracking, among others; set scripts for each campaign; have full management and control of timeouts; conduct real-time monitoring of all communications; generate and export reports of all Contact Center management and more. In addition, it can be integrated with other products of the NovaIP suite.

What channels supports Novamedia?

NovaMedia supports different communication channels, such as traditional telephony through gateway, IP telephony, voice from the web and live chat from the web.

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