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What is NovaSurvey?

NovaSurvey is a tailored tool to collect information and generate reports and statistics that help market research, data collection, recruitment, price study, among others, through surveys and questionnaires.

What allows NovaSurvey?

NovaSurvey allows you to: create multiple surveys; download surveys in PDF; answer surveys offline without having an internet connection, and automatically synchronize responses; assign surveys to physical reference points; respond to real-time surveys from a web portal or a mobile application; store the GPS position delivered by the device; generate and export reports of all the information obtained in the survey and to visualize in a map of the GPS position of the realized surveys.

When to use NovaSurvey?

NovaSurvey is ideal when companies, from the public or private sector, need to obtain information efficiently, for proper decision making. NovaSurvey can be used to create surveys of customer satisfaction, market research, recruitment, job satisfaction, among others.

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