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What is NovaTicket?

NovaTicket allows to quickly and efficiently manage all support cases, follow-up to PQRS and external and internal cases, helping to have a timely response to the companies customer service needs and generating real-time statistics of response times, number of requests, among others.

What allows NovaTicket?

NovaTicket allows you to: create tickets from a web portal or mobile application, notify the customer of updates and ticket status changes, segment tickets by department, upload tickets, attach documents or images related to the case, have a track record of tickets and generate reports of the status, time and causes of the tickets. It is also integrable with other products of the NovaIP suite.

When to use NovaTicket?

NovaTicket is ideal for all types of companies, from the public or private sector, which provide customer service and support through different channels, and need to track each of the states of the case through tickets.

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