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Cali: +57 2 651 5199                                     Miami: +1 786 5080077                                     Lima: +51 1 705 2270                             

What is NovaDID?

NovaDID is our telephone numbering service in the main cities of the world, which allows you to receive calls from your customers regardless of the country where they are located, generating a worldwide presence. We are able to offer fixed lines or collection lines, example: 01800.

What allows NovaDID?

NovaDID allows to have fixed lines or collect lines from the main cities in the world, receive simultaneous calls from two channels onwards, transfer IP calls to a PBX or redial to any phone number and generate reports of all incoming calls.

When to use NovaDID?

If you want to have a presence in different cities, without having a physical office in each one of them, or that your customers can communicate with your company, from different parts of the world, NovaDID is the solution.

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