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What is NovaIVR?

NovaIVR is a platform that allows to interconnect a telephony system with your company's applications or databases, through IVRs or audio transactional responses. With a transactional IVR, your clients can obtain procedural statuses, without the need to use dedicated telephone assistance personnel.

What allows NovaIVR?

NovaIVR allows the reproduction of corporate audios and menu options for all types of queries and updates, identification of customers through users and/or numerical passwords in calls, activations, blocking or cancellations of products or services through telephone calls, record telephone surveys, generate and export reports of use and transaction of IVRs. In addition, it can be integrated with other products and services of the NovaIP suite.

When to use NovaIVR?

If you want that your clients access to information from their databases and/or applications, taking into account security parameters such as passwords, and without resorting to a group of agents who take care of the telephone for these tasks, NovaIVR is your solution.

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