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What is NovaPBX?

NovaPBX is an IP telephony platform at the cloud, which allows the use of all the benefits of voice over IP, for incoming or outgoing calls from the company, without the need to buy or install an internal PBX. One of the main benefits is having calls between extensions without telephone billing. With this system, you can not only have all your branches interconnected regardless of geographic position, you can also have incoming lines in the main cities of the world. We can get to where your business goes and the best, without having to open a physical office.

What allows NovaPBX?

NovaPBX allows you to make zero-cost calls between extensions regardless of the geographic location of each extension, extensions mobility, have telephone numbers of the main cities in the world for receiving calls, have unified corporate greeting with menu options to communicate extensions of the Company, forwarding messages from voicemail to email, recording calls from selected extensions, generating and exporting reports of all calls made.

When to use NovaPBX?

If you are looking to interconnect your company headquarters, have extensions mobile, save costs by having free extensions, and be connected to your company, regardless of geographic location, NovaPBX is the right solution.

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