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What is NovaSIPTrunk?

NovaSIPTrunk is an IP trunk that allows connectivity through the SIP protocol to any destination in the world, with the highest quality and security. We have an automatic backup system to guarantee an operation with availability of 99.9%. We support WholeSale and Retail traffic for the needs of corporate PBXs, corporate campaigns, TeleMarketing and CallCenter campaigns. Our plans range from a channel to hundreds and can be unlimited or with charges per minute, according to the requirements of your business.

What allows NovaSIPTrunk?

NovaSIPTrunk provides availability and security on the platform, unlimited plans or by consumption, channel availability, support Wholesite and Retail traffic, and generate and export reports of call cost and call times.

When to use NovaSIPTrunk?

If you want to interconnect your IP Telephony system with the PSTN, and enjoy all the benefits of VoIP, NovaSIPTrunk is what you are looking for.

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